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类型:剧情  法国  2013 

主演:Pippo Delbono Miss Ming 杰基·贝约尔 莉雅 


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Produced by Julie Salvador for Christmas in July (which recently co-produced Cannes competitor You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet [trailer]), Henri, the shooting of which will start in the autumn, will be set in the North of France and have Henri as its main character, a fifty-something pigeon fancier who owns a popular brasserie and doesn’t have many more expectations in life. When his wife suddenly dies, a young disabled girl comes to help him at the brasserie. Her name is Rosette. Little by little they form a tender and affectionate relationship, through which each of them, having both suffered for too long, find a new meaning to life. It’s worth noting that this time Moreau will not play the lead role in her fil



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